Our clinic is based in Gifu Prefecture which is located in the center of Japan.
It takes about 30 minutes by local train from Nagoya, 2.5 hours from Tokyo, and 1.5 hours from Osaka by bullet train Shinkansen.

(Sightseeing Information about Gifu)
Access to popular sightseeing spots in Gifu Prefecture from the clinic: a 20-minute-drive to Gifu Castle (famous mountain castle); a 3-hour-drive to Shirakawa-go (historic village designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site); and a 2-hour-drive to Takayama (beautiful city referred to as ”Little Kyoto”).
Gifu is an agricultural region surrounded by beautiful mountains, rich in nature. Visitors can enjoy viewing “Ukai” (Cormorant Fishing) during the summer on the nearby Nagara River.