In order to expand and deepen understanding of home care, we place importance on inviting medical experts from overseas for various trainings and study tours whenever possible. The future of home care falls on the younger generation, and home care services require not only doctors and nurses but also other experts who have a varied set of skills. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail for details about training and study tours, including accommodation. (Communication needs to be made either in Japanese or English).


Application Form for Clinic Observation


As Japan’s population is graying extremely rapidly compared with other developed nations, we believe that the techniques and ideas practiced in Japan can be introduced in many countries. Therefore, we are determined to provide medical experts from overseas with opportunities to learn firsthand about home care situations in Japan and the background that makes quality home care services possible.

Some examples are:

  1. Great insurance system that enables home care services such as the universal healthcare system and nursing care insurance.
  2. Use of IT to share information.
  3. A group practice with multiple doctors and nurses communicating in depth with each other.
  4. Efficient home-visit system.
  5. Efforts to build a safe community for night-time home-visiting services.


The most valuable things I learned were:
  1. How to handle major public health problems (e.g. aging society, increased health care burden),
  2. How to build a systematic organization and effective management,
  3. How to face various challenges.
(Nagoya Univ. Young Leaders Project 2015)

Today’s visit to General Home Care Clinic was very impressive. Our team visited 5 patients and it was very interesting to see how their staff provided healthcare services. Communication and cooperation of medical professionals and the management of home visit medical care were the most valuable things I learned.

(Nagoya Univ. Young Leaders Project 2015)

Today, I learned so many things that help me see the world in the new way. Firstly, I admire your home-visit care team and system. It's very strong and effective. When I go back to Thailand, I will share these with my friends and adjust them to my country. I hope someday Thailand will have a strong system like you. Secondly, I like your holistic care and how you treat the patients with respect. These are really good things and will help the patient feel more comfortable and happy. I will remember these and take them to use in my daily life. Thirdly, Dr. Ichihashi's ideas are really good. He teaches me not only about the home-visiting but how to live without bored. Thank you for your warm welcome and all you did for us. I really appreciate it.

(Medical student, Thailand)

Today, I was able to see not only long-term care, but also the modified medical care implemented at home. These things never happen in my country. It was so important to learn the detailed contents of home medical care, so we can develop this system in Taiwan within our own context. We are fascinated with the IT connected with resource units and using evidence-based medicine to evaluate and record the patients conditions with follow-up; truly, it helped the vulnerable patients and family members. Our government has failed to pay attention to this kind of continuous care. In fact, we will need to demonstrate this quality care; furthermore the concepts of formulating policy could be disseminated nationwide. The enhancement of quality care is never a one-man show. We saw the humour of the visiting doctor in building the connection with his patients. All of the patients were happy and welcoming our visit, seeing it amazed every one of us. The contrast with problems unsolved in our own health system is vivid. Applying IT to our daily clinical practice is uppermost and worthwhile promoting in our home medical care. Dieticians, create new ways of thinking about food and the proper way to deliver it. Indeed, it needs the complete effort of one dedicated professional staff to provide that, but modifying our concepts in the lights of producing food which is actually easy for the frail and elderly to swallow would be a very portable idea to take back to my colleagues in Taiwan.

(Doctor/ Internal medicine, Taiwan)